Toxic Invaders


Developer Unknown
Publisher Freeware
System PC
Release Date 2014?
Mode Single player only


Toxic Invaders is an online web game that plays like pretty much like the original Space Invaders, just with a toxic theme to it.

As per Invaders usual, a formation of invaders over the player’s laser base moves from side to side onscreen; once they reach a screen edge, they drop down a notch closer to the base, dropping bombs all the while. If the base is hit by a bomb then the player will lose a reserve and the game will end when they have no more bases left. If the invaders make it all the way to the bottom of the screen that will also end the game. The player has several bunkers that they can hide behind for protection though, although they do succumb to damage via shots from the player and the invaders.

Occasionally a high scoring U. F. O. will fly overhead as well during a game, which its point value is a random amount when hit.

Toxic/military themeEdit

Tying in with the toxic name and theme, the bunkers are lead shields, the invaders and U. F. O. resemble biohazard symbols (with the top row invader being green, usually thought of as symbolizing a toxic situation), there is a toxic-themed background and the player’s base and invaders launch missiles.


  • Row 1-2 invader (from bottom)–10 points
  • Row 3-4 invader–20 points
  • Row 5 invader–30 points
  • U. F. O.–50, 100, 150 or 300 points
  • Extra base awarded at 1500 points


  • Start game–click on prompt
  • Restart game–R key
  • Move base–Z and X keys and left/right arrow keys
  • Fire–spacebar
  • Pause game–P key


  • Sometimes invaders come down several rows at a time. It is currently unknown what causes this, being either programmed into the game on purpose or if it is a bug.
  • Occasionally there is an animation of an invader, after being shot, zooming downwards towards the player (like a downed aircraft). This will not endanger the player’s laser cannon. On the flip side, the bottom two rows of invaders have no moving animation whatsoever.


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