Tiny Invaders


Developer Unknown
Publisher Freeware
System PC
Release Date Unknown
Mode Single player only


Like the name implies, the screen ratio for the online game Tiny Invaders is quite small, plus the game is obviously a Space Invaders clone. However, the game differs a bit due to having a high level of difficulty and powerups that can be collected.


As with most Space Invaders games, a formation of invaders appears overhead dropping bombs, while the player’s gun is at the bottom of the screen. Once the formation reaches the edge of the screen, the invaders drop down a notch; if the invaders reach the bottom of the screen then the game ends. If the player’s gun is hit by a bomb, they will lose that gun and the game will also end if there are no more guns left in reserve.

There are three bunkers the player can take cover behind, however, which get refreshed with every level. The player can also fire not only several shots at once, but their shots also travel very quickly. Powerups also float down several times during a level, which can be collected by the player’s gun and stay in use for several seconds. Powerups cannot be carried over into the next level, however, even if any are collected at the end of a level.

Once a level is completed, stats appear for the player’s Hit Bonus, Timebonus, Hit Percentage and Time Left, along with the player’s current score and rank. The faster and more accurately the player gets through a level, the bigger their bonus.


  • Double Barrel Gun–player can shoot two shots at once from both sides of their gun
  • Faster Shots–self-explanatory
  • Bonus Points–increases score


  • Invader–10 points
  • Hit Bonus–varies
  • Timebonus–varies
  • Collecting Bonus Points powerup–varies


  • Start game–spacebar
  • Move Gun–arrow keys (left/right only)
  • Fire–spacebar
  • Restart game–R key


  • Unlike with most Space Invaders games, there is no “pulse” as the invaders move. There are also no bonus U. F. O.s as well, plus the last remaining invader does not travel very quickly, unlike with most games. The formation of invaders will also be refreshed once the player loses a gun, rather than the level continuing with just whatever invaders are left, unlike with most games.
  • The invader formation changes per level, starting off small, but then increasing in size, as well as the amount of bombs dropped by the invaders.
  • The game can become buggy at the higher levels, with a level suddenly ending at times when the player’s shots weren’t anywhere close to the last invaders, along with occasionally an invader will become “stuck” in a bunker and it will be quite some time before it can get out.


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