Space Invaders Redux


Developer FZero
Publishers FZero
System PC
Release date 2014
Mode Single player only
Media Web game


The original arcade Space Invaders became one of the most popular bottom of the screen shooters of all time, starting with its release in 1978, being a top earner and tons of units were sold.

Space Invaders Redux is a fairly accurate online reproduction of the game “by fans”.


The player, controlling a laser base, faces an overhead horde of invaders that move from side to side while dropping bombs the entire time; the invader formation will come a notch closer towards the bottom of the screen when it reaches a screen edge. With the fewer invaders that remain as the player destroys them, the faster they will move. Once a screen of invaders are cleared, another batch of invaders will take their place, although they are lower on the screen as compared with the previous wave. A high scoring bonus U. F. O. appears overhead several times during a level as well.

If the player’s laser base is hit by an invader’s bomb, that base will be lost and the game will end when there are no more remaining bases. The game will also end if the player gets “invaded” (i. e. if the invaders land at the bottom of the screen).

Gameplay differencesEdit

The Space Invaders pulse sound is more in the background and different than as compared with the original game. There is no 300 point U. F. O. secret, plus it moves a little faster this time around, its sound effect is a little different and it will still come out when there are only eight invaders left (originally it would stop coming out when there were less than nine invaders left onscreen). The last invader doesn’t move anywhere near as fast as with the original game, no extra laser base is awarded, there is no death animation if the player gets invaded and the game is for one player only.


  • Bottom two row invaders–10 points
  • Middle two row invaders–20 points
  • Top row invader–30 points
  • U. F. O.–50, 100, 150 or 300 points


  • Play game–P key
  • Move laser base left/right–A and D keys
  • Fire–spacebar


Space Invaders Redux recreates the attract mode from the original arcade game with the “insert ccoin” animation where an invader shoots the extra ‘c’, along with the "Play Space Invaders" text with the upside-down y where an invader takes the y offscreen and brings it back in its correct position.


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