Space Invaders (Minion Software)


Developer Minion Software
Publisher Freeware
System PC
Release Date 2000
Mode Single player only

Space Invaders by Minion Software is pretty much just a graphical update of the original arcade game of the same name (with a background with mountains and a planet as a backdrop), plus it runs kind of fast as compared to the arcade original. It follows with the usual Space Invaders formula where the invaders move from side to side while dropping bombs the entire time, the invader formation will come a notch closer to the bottom of the screen when it reaches a screen edge, a high flying bonus target appears overhead during a level, etc.

Several differences abound, however, such as there only being three bunkers onscreen (as opposed to the original's four), and if the player starts shooting one, it starts disintegrating starting from the top. The bunkers will also totally disappear when the invaders get low enough. The player's laser base will also be temporarily invincible with each new level or life. The invaders are also a bit cartoonish looking, as one row of invaders is a green monster with its tongue sticking out, looking ill. The U. F. O. now appears to be a dragon and comes out at random intervals; sometimes it will not come out for a while during a wave, at other times one will come out right after the other.

The invaders also may not invade the player/land and end the game: if the player clears out enough columns of invaders and makes a safety zone, not getting hit by any of them, they will keep on marching downwards until they just disappear, leaving the player to do nothing except for shooting the dragon when it flies overhead.


  • Row one invader--10 points
  • Row two invader--20 points
  • Row three invader--30 points
  • Row four invader--40 points
  • Row five invader--50 points
  • Dragon--random points


  • Move laser cannon--arrow keys (left/right)
  • Fire--Shift key
  • Quit or exit game--escape key



If the player shoots the dragon when there are no invaders left, its warning sound will continue emitting after the next wave starts.


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