Space Instigators


Developer Christopher Tumber
Publishers Freeware
System Atari 2600
Release Date 2002
Mode Single player only
Media Cartridge
ROM file


Rather than being just a ROM hack for the Atari 2600 version of Space Invaders like most other modern outings, Space Instigators is actually an entirely coded creation from scratch, rather than being just a hack.

The game went for a much closer look at imitating the arcade original, using the original colors of only black, white, green and orange (although this was accomplished via overlays), and having all four bunkers (rather than only three on the 2600 version), along with having the usual gameplay of the invaders marching from side to side, dropping bombs, a high scoring U. F. O. flying overhead, etc. However, there are several differences.


Although having more than 36 invaders like on the 2600 version, this version falls short of having 55 like the arcade original did by 10. The game is also for one player only, the invaders move quicker/the difficulty level is higher, and the bonus U. F. O. comes out a lot more frequently and moves a lot faster. There is also a pause in between lives, which can be disrupted by pressing the fire button, and the bunkers are a lot smaller than on both the original and the 2600 version.


  • Bottom row invader–10 points each
  • Middle row invaders–20 points each
  • Top row invader–30 points each
  • UFO–random amount


  • Move cannon–left and right on joystick
  • Fire/start game/cease pause–button


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