Shooting Attack


Developer Pro Tech
Publisher International TV Concepts Limited
System Pro 200 Gaming System
Release Date 1998 (on Pro 200 Gaming System)
Mode Single player only


The Pro 200 Gaming System is a compact handheld unit that is several inches wide that has a small built-in LCD screen (similar to the earlier Microvision) that flips open vertically, enabling a user to play one of many games on the unit. Along with many other games included, it has the bottom of the screen shooters of Shooting Attack and Flying Bees.

Shooting AttackEdit

The player controls a square at the bottom of the screen. Columns of blocks descend from the top to the bottom of the screen towards the player. The player must shoot away the blocks and prevent them from reaching the bottom. If a block reaches the bottom of the screen, the player loses a life, and the game will end if blocks reach the bottom of the screen three times.


Game screenEdit

After Shooting Attack is chosen by pressing the Rotate/Mode button several times, the following features can be selected:

  • Level select (1-15)–left on D-pad
  • Display select (1-8)–up on D-pad
  • Start game–Pause/start button


  • Move square–D-pad left/right
  • Fire–Rotate/Mode
  • Pause–Pause/start

The following controls can be chosen at any time as well:

  • Reset unit–Reset button
  • Volume control/mute–Mute button (several levels; each press of the button will decrease volume level)


  • Shooting column–varies (from 0 to increments of 100 points each)
  • Bonus at end of level


  • The Pro 200 Gaming System can only display squares as graphics, giving all games a blocky look to them.
  • Setting the Display from 5-8 totally flips the game over, positioning the player’s square at the top of the screen. If the Display is set on 7-8, whenever the player shoots at a column of advancing squares (coming from the bottom of the screen this time around, while rising to the top), squares are actually added to columns, rather than disappearing when shot. It is unknown how to win when playing these levels.


Stage Select review (of the Pro 200 Gaming System; 5/10)

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