Shoot Stuff!


Developer starvingindie
Publisher Freeware
Systems Internet
Mac OS
Raspberry Pi
Release date 2016
Mode Single player only
Media PDF file


In Shoot Stuff!, "the pollen wars are in full effect and it's up to you to destroy the robots that seek to eradicate all pollen from your planet"[1].


The player controls a character that is situated on the ground. After a few seconds, robots will start appearing and moving towards the player. They come in several different models:

  • Blue robot–moves quickly towards the player but otherwise doesn’t attack.
  • Red robot–moves slowly but fires projectiles upwards towards the sky.
  • Large red robot–moves slowly but takes five shots to be destroyed.

In addition to robots, fireballs will also start coming down from the sky that, once they make contact with the ground, will explode and cause damage to the player if nearby (which their health meter can be seen at the top right of the screen). Touching a robot will also cause damage to the player (as well as coming into contact with the projectiles the small red robots fire) and when their health entirely disappears the game will end, as well as when they run out of ammunition.

The player can defend themselves against the robots by jumping over the small ones or by shooting them. Each robot has an indicator as to how many hits they will take before they can be destroyed (small robots take one to two hits, whereas the large robots take five).

The player begins a game with 20 rounds of ammo. Occasionally when they destroy a robot it will leave some extra ammo behind. Health kits also float down from the sky which will restore health, although if they are able to land on the ground and the player shoots one then they will transform to ammunition and it will replenish the player’s stockpile to a full 20 rounds. However, if a health kit lands on a robot both will explode and any health or ammo will be lost.

If the player is able to destroy 100 counts’ worth of robots (as denoted by the top center number on the screen) then they will win the game.


  • Start game–x + c keys
  • Shoot–x key
  • Move–left/right arrow keys
  • Jump–up arrow key
  • Pause game–P or Enter key


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  1. PICO-8 forum post by author.

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