River Raid Random


Developers Activision (original)
Batari (hack)
Publishers Activision (original)
Freeware (hack)
System Atari 2600
Release dates 1982 (original)
2014? (hack)
Modes Single player
Two players alternating
Media Cartridge (original)
ROM file (hack)


In River Raid, players controlled a series of jets flying over a scrolling "River of No Return", destroying multiple types of targets of various sizes and attack patterns.

River Raid Random is a hack of River Raid, which plays exactly the same as the original game, except that the player will start the game at a different area whenever they press Game Reset on their system. Four new rivers were also added to the one player variations as well.


Players control a jet that is constantly stationed at the bottom of the screen and can only move left and right as an unending river scrolls downwards. Players must avoid or destroy various enemy craft and bridges and avoid colliding with any land mass, enemy vehicle or bridge or they will lose a jet.

Once a player's jet approaches various enemy craft, they will invariably start to move, although most are confined within borders of the river, except for enemy jets, which fly overhead without pause.

Players’ jets are also constantly draining fuel, although they can be replenished by docking with onscreen fuel depots. Running out of fuel will also cost the player a jet.

Bridges are also encountered during a game, which, upon being destroyed, the player will start off at the last bridge they destroyed prior to losing a jet.

As the game goes on, the difficulty level is raised by having the river become more and more congested with enemy craft, less space to maneuver in river banks, and with less fuel depots appearing onscreen.

There is also a variation for two players.

Controls, startupEdit

  • Select game–Game Select switch
  • Start game–Game Reset switch
  • Fire straight missiles–Difficulty switch (A position)
  • Steer missiles–Difficulty switch (B position)


  • Move jet–left/right
  • Speed up–up on joystick
  • Slow down–down on joystick
  • Fire–button
  • Resume game with reserve jet–joystick or button


  • Battleship–30 points
  • Helicopter–60 points
  • Fuel Depot–80 points
  • Jet–100 points
  • Bridge–500 points
  • Extra jet awarded–every 10,000 points


The original game came with two label variations, being the original release and one with a blue label. This version comes as a ROM file only to be played on Atari emulators or flashcarts.


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