Pro 200 Gaming System


Developer Pro Tech
Publisher International TV Concepts Limited
Release Date 1998
Mode Single player only


The Pro 200 Computer Game and Entertainment Center is a portable game unit and calculator with 16 games included. The unit has a four directional D-pad, a rotate/mode (/usually fire) button, on/off, reset, mute, and start/pause buttons. It is powered by two AA batteries and an included G 10A watch battery. Each game has 15 levels of difficulty and 15 speeds. The unit includes the bottom of the screen shooters of Flying Bees and Shooting Attack, along with several other games, all of which are for one player only.

The unit measures nearly seven inches wide by approximately three and a half inches and is nearly one inch high when it is closed. The LCD screen area flips open vertically, which the game screen area itself is less than an inch wide and only approximately 1 3/4 inches tall. (The screen compartment casing is a little over three inches wide and is a little less than four inches tall.)

Included Bottom of the Screen ShootersEdit

In the Flying Bees game, a colony of bees sits at the top of the screen; two bees at a time take flight from the colony and fly down towards the player, which it is the player's duty to shoot them before they reach the bottom. In Shooting Attack, constantly moving rows of squares travel from the top towards the bottom of the screen, which the player must shoot the squares before they reach the bottom.

Other included gamesEdit

  • Brick Games (Tetris clones)
  • Fire Tank Attack (tank shooting game)
  • Frog-A-Log (Frogger clone)
  • Hammer Attack (boxing game)
  • Ping-Pong (Breakout clone)
  • Race Car (racing game)
  • Swallow Snake’s Egg ("snake"-type game)


  • The Pro 200 can only display simple square graphics, giving all games a blocky look.
  • The unit was advertised in magazines and was available in stores and through mail order.
  • The box and instructions claim there are "over 50,000 ways to play!", although this number is achieved by multiplying all possible levels and all modes together. Arguably the unit actually only has nine individual games as well, as the last eight of its included 16 games are just clones/variations of Tetris.
  • The Pro 200 was followed up by several similar units over the years, with the same type of display.


Stage Select review of the unit/games (5/10)

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