Developer Megadodo Software
Publisher Megadodo Software
System ZX Spectrum
Release Date 1983
Mode Single player only
Media Cassette tape


Phoenix was fairly unique when it was released in the arcades in 1980 due to having five distinct stages (which was not very common back then), continuing music pieces playing during the beginning stage (which in-game music still wasn’t very common at the time either), and an early video game boss during the final stage. Gameplay involved players shooting at a variety of birds of different sizes and attack patterns. Players also had a shield to protect their spaceship with temporarily, although it would be several seconds before the shield could be used again.

Pheenix for the ZX Sprectrum computer was a clone of Phoenix, although with several minor differences in game play.

Gameplay/differences from PhoenixEdit

Like with the arcade original, the player, taking control of the star-destroyer Phoenix[1], would first face a group of robot scout birds for the first two waves, although they would briskly materialize from the sides of the screen, rather than appearing all at once. They would also not dive-bomb the player as often, just mostly moving from side to side in formation.

From the second stage on (throughout the fifth stage), the player is able to fire several more shots at once, plus they can also move their star-destroyer even with their barrier activated (on Phoenix, the player could shoot, but not move while their force field was in use).

During the two flapping bird (also known as Phoenix war birds) stages, the birds would not dive-bomb the player as often as on the original game, but rather flew vertically up and down, as well as side to side. They could only be destroyed with a shot right up their middle, rather than getting partially hurt by having their wings shot off, as with Phoenix.

On the fifth wave when the player faced the flagship, the alien residing inside dropped bombs when the player wasn’t even close (on Phoenix, the alien wouldn’t drop bombs unless the player[s] threatened it), plus the revolving belt that the player has to shoot through in order to try to destroy the alien moves faster, and the flagship doesn’t move down the screen towards the player. If the player is able to destroy the flagship, then the game starts back over at the first wave, but at a higher level of difficulty.

The game also has five difficulty starting levels to choose from.

Controls, title screenEdit

  • Go to controls menu–S key

(controls menu)Edit

  • K-Choose Kempston joystick
  • A-AGF stick
  • B-keyboard

(in-game, keyboard)Edit

  • Move left–Caps shift key
  • Right–Z key
  • Fire–spacebar
  • Barrier–Enter key


  • Move star-destroyer–joystick
  • Fire–button
  • Barrier–down on joystick


  • Robot scout birds–25 points
  • Phoenix war birds/eggs–100-200 points
  • Flagship belt–5 points per segment
  • Flagship alien–random amount



  1. From Pheenix advertisement.
ZX Spectrum Pheenix

ZX Spectrum Pheenix

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