Not really asteroids


Developer DavidD
Publisher Freeware
Systems Internet
Mac OS
Raspberry Pi
Release date 2015
Mode Single player only
Media PICO-8 cartridge


In Not really asteroids, the player controls a ship that must destroy hordes of aliens that descend from the top of the screen.

During a game, several aliens will appear in vertical columns and start descending downwards towards the player while firing. Each alien takes several hits before being destroyed. The player, meanwhile, starts a game with five hearts, which being hit by an alien’s missile will take away a heart. If the player’s ship collides with an alien then that will take away three hearts and the game will end when the player is totally depleted of hearts.

With each successive wave of aliens that the player makes it past, the more will appear on the next level. The player does start off a game with two bombs, which can wipe out an entire column of aliens if it makes contact.

If the player is able to survive long enough, the game will end with a message on how they did, along with a total of how many aliens they killed. A message and kill total will also appear if the player loses all of their hearts without beating the game as well.


  • Move ship–left/right arrow keys
  • Shoot–x key
  • Shoot bomb–z key
  • Pause game–Enter or p key


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