Moon Recon
Moon recon
Developer BGelais/Lostcadesoft
Publisher Freeware
Systems Internet
Mac OS
Raspberry Pi
Release date 2019
Mode Single player only
Media PDF file


Moon Patrol was originally an arcade game where players controlled a ship at the bottom of the screen, reacting to dangers above them and on the ground. It was ported to many consoles and computer systems.

Moon Recon is a clone of Moon Patrol.


The player's ship automatically moves along a constantly scrolling landscape. U. F. O.s appear overhead and move left and will shoot at the player. Large rocks, meanwhile, appear on the ground directly in the path of the player's ship. Making contact with a U. F. O.'s bomb or a rock will destroy the player's ship and the game will end when the last reserve ship has been depleted.

The player, however, can shoot upwards to destroy U. F. O.s, along with shooting to the right will destroy rocks. The player can also move left to slow down their ship.

Differences from originalEdit

There is only one enemy ship that appears; all others (tanks, giant plants, the ships that fire projectiles that create hazardous holes, etc.) were omitted. Their behavior is different as well, as once they move to the left side of the screen they will exit, rather than making several more passes above the player's ship. There is also only one-sized rock, rather than three on Moon Patrol, plus there are no goals/bonuses/level ends, as Moon Recon is just one continuous level until the player’s last reserve ship is depleted. There are no craters on the ground, along with the difficulty level being higher and the player’s ship's jump function was removed. Also, their ship would fire upwards and to the right simultaneously, rather than separately.


  • Start game--z key
  • Pause game and/or reset cart--p or enter keys


  • Move ship--left and right arrow keys
  • Fire upwards--z key
  • Fire to the right--x key


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