Invasion of the Galactic Goobers


System Internet
Release date Unknown
Mode Single player only
Media Web game


In Space Invaders, an overhead formation of invaders would appear over the player’s laser base, moving from side to side, coming closer with each time they reached a screen edge while dropping bombs all the while. The player had to destroy as many invaders as possible by shooting them with their laser base.

Invasion of the Galactic Goobers is a clone of Space Invaders, although with several changes.


During a game, a group of Goobers appears over the player’s spaceship and starts moving to the side; once they reach the edge of a screen the formation will drop down a notch closer to the player’s spaceship. If any Goober reaches the area of the player’s ship, unlike with most Space Invaders games, this will not end the game, although it will cost the player a spaceship (along with the ability to shoot for a few seconds) and any remaining Goobers will reappear at the top of the screen. The game will end once the player has no more remaining lives in reserve. Being hit by a piece of Goober’s goop (which is fired at the player during a game) will also cost the player a spaceship.

Also during a wave, Goobers that dive towards the player’s spaceship also appear, which destroying them reportedly leads to earning bonus points via quiz game at some point (see Trivia section below).

After every two screens of Goobers are cleared, a Big Boss Goober will appear, which takes many hits from the player’s spaceship to be destroyed. With the more hits it absorbs, the Boss will start taking damage, although it will also start moving faster. Destroying it will continue the game at a higher difficulty level.


  • Move spaceship–mouse left and right
  • Shoot–left mouse button


  • Small Goober–10 points
  • Big Boss Goober–250 points
  • Correct quiz answer–500 points


  • Whenever the player passes a level, all Goobers will change in appearance, indicating the increase in difficulty.
  • The game’s instructions state that with destroying diving Goobers, this will enable the start of a set of quiz questions that will lead to bonus points when answered correctly. However, it is unknown how this function occurs, as after being tried on several different web sites (such as Yahoo), the quiz does not seem to appear on any version.
  • Several sites have a game entitled Invasion of the Galactic Goobers 2, although this is the exact same game as Invasion of the Galactic Goobers.
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