Galaxian (Minion Software)


Developer Minion Software
Publisher Freeware
System PC
Release Date 2003
Mode Single player only


Galaxian was an arcade game where players faced a horde of aliens in a formation above their Galaxip, which would leave their formation and attack the player’s ship. It would later be ported to many home game consoles over the years.

Galaxian from Minion Software is a remake of the original Galaxian.


A formation appears at the beginning of every level with several layers of aliens above the player’s ship, along with several flagships at the very top. Aliens start peeling away from the formation and dive-bomb the player; if an alien isn't shot, then it will reappear at the top of the formation again. Being rammed by an alien or getting hit by one of its bombs will result in the player losing a reserve ship and the game will end if all ships are depleted.

All aliens are worth twice as much during an attack run than when sitting in the formation convoy. Flagships are worth more than the aliens and usually has escort ships flying with them during an attack run.

Differences from originalEdit

Like with many remakes, the graphics were changed, with the aliens’ colors being different and they are more animated. The sounds are also different, including the “pulse” that quickens with the fewer aliens that are remaining. When an alien hits the player’s ship, the alien is not destroyed, unlike with the original Galaxian.

The game is also for one player only, rather than up to two alternating turns and their ship moves faster. However, the difficulty level is higher, as many more aliens leave the formation at once (rather than one or two at a time) starting with the very first level. The aliens’ attack patterns are also different, no extra ship is awarded at 7,000 points like with the original, the flagship isn’t worth 800 points if its escort ships are shot first (the ships are only worth 150 and 300 points), plus their point value is not revealed after being destroyed


  • Red alien–30 points (while in convoy)/60 (while charging)
  • Yellow alien–40/80 points
  • Red alien–50/100 points
  • Flagship–150/300 points


  • Start game–spacebar
  • Move ship–left/right arrow keys
  • Fire–spacebar


Minion Software is no stranger to bottom of the screen shooter remakes, as they were also responsible for Space Invaders, Space Invaders (MK 2), Phoenix and RRMA (having several bottom of the screen shooters in a play area measuring only 32 x 32 pixels).


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