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PakkuMan47 PakkuMan47 4 April 2019

I'm a bit confused....

I stumbled across this wiki via Discord recently and decided to take a brief look at it - I'm a bit confused what the purpose of this is for, which I'll list below.

1 - This wiki really seems to only cover stuff like freeware games and fan projects, rather than stuff like Space Invaders, Galaxian, Galaga, Moon Cresta, Phoenix and similar games, which I'm a bit disappointed with. I find it rather bizarre that there are countless pages for Space Invaders clones/knockoffs yet a page for the actual Space Invaders game doesn't even exist here, which is also the case for several other games.

2 - Loads of these pages seem to be nothing more than ads for other's games, which is not what an encyclopedia should be like, and nothing is properly sourced…

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