• PakkuMan47

    I stumbled across this wiki via Discord recently and decided to take a brief look at it - I'm a bit confused what the purpose of this is for, which I'll list below.

    1 - This wiki really seems to only cover stuff like freeware games and fan projects, rather than stuff like Space Invaders, Galaxian, Galaga, Moon Cresta, Phoenix and similar games, which I'm a bit disappointed with. I find it rather bizarre that there are countless pages for Space Invaders clones/knockoffs yet a page for the actual Space Invaders game doesn't even exist here, which is also the case for several other games.

    2 - Loads of these pages seem to be nothing more than ads for other's games, which is not what an encyclopedia should be like, and nothing is properly sourced…

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  • Kevinvom

    Children who are active needs exercise for their brains and kizi games offer just that. Putting the brain into work has always been productive and video games give lots of exercise. As you know games are created using complex programs and it is basically you against the computers when you play them. Beating the computer at its own game is always considered as a great achievement and the kizi games allow you this opportunity.
    The kizi games have all genre of online games and some of them are your favorite Pokemon moto, super Mario Routier, ATV Motor, Motocross, Bottes Magiques, Fauteuil Roulant and several others. You might have played these games in different devices, but these French versions are a delight to play online and the best enter…

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